Happy Valentine’s Day: The Honorée Playlist

Dear Y’all:

Yesterday was a sad day for me, but today, I am trying to shake that off. And I decided I just wanted to make people feel good today on Valentine’s, whatever their relationship statuses.

If you’re with someone, I want you show that person all the love you have, and accept that love right on back. Take your loved one out on a date, dress up for that date, hold your loved one’s hand, and then, come home and make some seriously good love. And then, eat some chocolate afterward.

If you don’t have anyone this year, well, yes you do: you’ve got yourself. So love yourself. Not just in the spiritual way, but make yourself some dinner. Put on a pretty–or handsome–outfit. And hug yourself and say, “I love you [Fill in your name here.]”

And you know what, you can make some good love with yourself. [And if you don’t know how to make love to yourself, that’s what Cosmopolitan Magazine is for, ok? And that’s all I’m gone say about that, ’cause I’m a lady.] And then, eat some chocolate afterward.

I thought I would celebrate Valentine’s Day with y’all and give you a playlist of seven of my all-time favorite love songs. I hope at least one of these songs will speak to something inside you, whatever your relationship status.








2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day: The Honorée Playlist

  1. Any questions about love-making, I figured that anyone could listen to Jill Scott sing Crown Royal. Today can be a day just to feel good about yourself, love yourself and feel proud of yourself…and a little chocolate can always be an added bonus.

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