Come See Me at AWP in DC! (That rhymes)

I know I haven’t posting every day on  the blog, y’all, but please cut me some slack. I am really trying to write on my novel every single day, and trying to break that writer’s sweat I told you about. (Matter of fact, I wrote for an hour this morning! Yay for me– and thanks to my friends of blog and their super-great energy that they send me! I feel it everyday!)

And then, later this week, I will be at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference, otherwise known as the Creative Writers Family Reunion, so I am running around like the proverbial headless chicken, preparing to leave town.

If you are a writer who also teaches–teaching is how many of us writers pay our bills, but not all of us, you probably have heard of the AWP Conference, which takes place during the spring semester of every year. (I wish they would schedule the conference during a set, ongoing time from now on, because it would allow me to make some concrete plans. If you are with the administration of the Conference and you are reading this, this is a hint to you!)

I didn’t attend AWP last year in Denver, because, well, I like to attend the conference when there are a lot of Black folks attending, and how many Black folks do you know who live in Denver, Colorado? (Or I should say, how many do I know? Which is, like, none.) No offense. I’m sure the other folks who live in Denver are wonderful human beings, but I can see a whole bunch of nice white folks right here where I live. I don’t have to travel on a plane, risking bed bugs and what not, to do that.

But this year, AWP is in Chocolate City, USA–that would be Washington, D.C. for the uninitiated–so my plane ticket is bought, my hotel reservation is made, and all my outfits are picked out, though I didn’t go crazy this year shopping ahead of time, like I did last time. I am all about being a Sassy Black Frugalista, from now on.

And I am on a panel at AWP this year! I talked it about it with my friend the poet January O’Neil; she and a group of other writers have decided to blog about the Conference. (The blog is not affiliated with AWP, but still, it is completely sassy, because you need to know these things, believe me.)

Check me out by clicking this link!

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