The Entire Dream

On Wednesday, I talked about the speech that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave at the March on Washington. Most people haven’t seen that full speech, only the brief minutes about the dream. The man was an oratorical genius and a great human being, and I’m telling you that you really haven’t lived–or thought or philosophized–until you have seen the WHOLE speech Dr. King gave that day in Washington.

But you know I got y’all, so here it is below!:-) (After a brief intro, the speech begins at about 1:15 into the video)

Happy King Weekend, y’all!



One thought on “The Entire Dream

  1. Searching for the complete speech was a job in detecting. I did finally find the youtube! Thanks @ Honoree It would be nice to have it on television this month for Black History Month. I really enjoy watching speeches given by people when I was younger (I was when Dr. King spoke), or before my time. It is history and can be such an education. I just finished watching 4 cds of Edward R. Murrow, including him interviewing Louis Armstrong, they had the greatest conversation, Grandma Moses, etc. Thanks again for the time you give to us, Barbara

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