*Hustle Alert* Nov. 15th deadlines!

Hey Y’all:

TODAY is the deadline for some really sassy awards in Creative Writing, and the next two days are, too.

So I thought I would remind you to check out Poets and Writers Grants and Awards page and get your hustle on. If you live in a small town, the Post Office closes at 5pm. But some of y’all live in the Big Bad City, and the post office doesn’t close until midnight. Dang. Y’all know that just boggles my country brain.

I know that most of y’all Negroes (and y’all Folks of Other Complexions) have a book just waiting to send out, or individual poems and stories. So get your head right, get your courage up and go to the Post Office today and send out, already!

And don’t forget to put your right hand on the package and say a prayer to Whoever you worship and get your Godly mojo going. And if you’re an atheist or an agnostic, just say, “I really want this package to win a prize and publication.” That will get it. That’s mojo, too.

Or, do like my cheating atheist or agnostic friends used to do–have somebody who does believe in a higher power place his or her right hand on the package and pray and get the Godly mojo going. I got a friend like that who used to let me pray for her, but she shall remain nameless.:-)

Here is the link to the page on Poets and Writers! Bon Chance, y’all! And remember: THIS IS YOUR TIME, BUT YOU WON’T KNOW THAT UNLESS YOU CLAIM IT!

Alright, now I’m gone calm down on the exclamation points.:-)

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