10 thoughts on “A Black Poetry Courtship

  1. OMG – have these word not come out of so many men of every color alive. @Rudy, the words may be stiff, but they still give off the same stories I heard in my 20’s, over 40 years ago. Women of all generations have been hearing this ____________for years. It is old, and would think young women today would be quite tired of it. In my house I am an equal and have been for 35 years, that is the way it should be, in fact many times my husband puts me ahead of his needs (when necessary) and I do the same for him, and then you have children and neither of you can come first.

  2. The stiffness is part of the joke….

    Some funny lines in here:

    “Kiss me.” “Later.”

    “I will text you at like 3 in the morning….”

    Kind of funny,

  3. As a black male writer let me say that this is hilarious. As the saying goes, it’s funny because it’s TRUE. (Even if we our younger generation doesn’t say it quite so bluntly these days.)

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