Good Sister Watch: Concha Buika

Have you ever found out about a writer or a singer and you were so enchanted–then found out the writer’s book had been out for five years or the singer had been making records for so long and you wondered where the heck you’d been to miss it?

Well, that’s how I felt today, listening to an Afro-Spanish singer named Concha Buika on NPR. They interviewed her and first, her words–so wise and something I can’t put my finger on–broke me completely down. I was at the grocery store sitting in my car in the parking lot and just started weeping. And then, I heard the songs, and broke down again. I caught the Holy Spirit listening to the sister, and I couldn’t understand but a few words she was singing.

Y’all, this sister is  some kinda Root Worker Conjure Woman with a song. I am not playing. So I had to tell you about her. But don’t take my word for it. Watch the videos below. The second video is a little shaky, but when she starts singing, I guarantee within fifteen seconds she will give you chills.


One thought on “Good Sister Watch: Concha Buika

  1. I posted about her over on my blog.

    I never heard of Buika before that NPR interview. Her voice does something to me. That part of the interview when she is singing the blues….incredible….And the stuff she knows from a life of living….wow….

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