Happy Rosh Hashanah (Since Last Night), Y’all!

This is my second post today, and I think it is right on time for me. Today, faith was on my mind. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam began in the same place, and all espouse the belief in one Holy Creator.

That’s so sassy, to me.  If not to you, please don’t get mad and leave mean comments for me, under anonymous names. (“Disappointed”, you know who you are!:-)

Last evening at Sundown, Rosh Hashanah began, which is the Jewish New Year–which is a fabulous holiday (again, at least to me). I meant to post last night, but of course, my mind was bad. But, technically, we are still in the first day of Rosh Hashanah–at least we are out here on the prairie because the sun doesn’t go down until late in the summertime. So I hope I will be forgiven.

These past few days have been ones of upheaval and yes, some pain, but this morning, I awoke feeling brand new–all shiny-like–and ready for a new time and a new woman’s life. In the Old Testament, it speaks of the ram’s horn–the shofar– being blown on Rosh Hashanah, to signal liberation, return and renewal.

I think of the notion of liberation as joy, but for real, it is not always joyful. Sometimes, it takes pain to let you know it’s time to set some things or people or feelings aside. And sometimes, it takes pain to alert you, a new battle has begun. A liberation from but sometimes, a liberation to, so to speak.

And for me, a return is not always the greatest. There have been some painful times in my girlhood and early womanhood. Yet, my faith and poetry have been constants, and so, I have decided to return to those. And finally, renewal is a journey I have been on for some time, and I hope it will always be a road I will travel.

This Jewish New Year, keep the song of the horn in your mind. And I wish all of you whatever gifts you need.

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