A Blessed Evening

I just wanted to write a quick post before I head to bed to let you know that the Lucille Clifton birthday celebration this evening was so, so wonderful. Seriously. Now, I usually just let y’all decide which of my “You Gotta Read This” podcasts you want to listen to all on your own, because all of y’all are grown and I don’t like to be pushy.

But this Lucille Clifton podcast was a moment I haven’t ever experienced; it was a real blessed evening. Not only were we six Sisters gathered to honor Miss Lucille’s poetic legacy, but as Black women, we all had a unique connection to this her, and a unique vantage point.  One of us was her actual daughter, and the other five were her “poetry daughters.”

Where one woman’s revelations about Miss Lucille’s brilliance, loving nature, prophetic words, and artistic courage stopped, another woman took off–and none of this was rehearsed. I was really taken aback at how “in sync” we were.

And there was SO MUCH laughter, which I’d been scared we wouldn’t have, because for all of us, Miss Lucille’s loss has been so devastating. I love how we were able to “send her home” with humor and reverence at the same time.

Listen to tonight’s podcast and see for yourself. Click on this link. Or, you can just hit the BLUE button to the right to listen to it.  And finally, you can download the podcast on ITunes FOR FREE. Just search under “podcasts” using the search name “PhillisRemastered.”

I hope y’all enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed participating!

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