Summer School Is STILL here, So Click On This

Y’all, this is the third week of summer school–three hours four days a week and it’s killing me.  Not the actual teaching, though. No, teaching itself is pretty breezy; I’ve been doing it for nearly fourteen years now, so I think I got it down.

What’s killing me is leaving my house and hitting that 100-degree heat index. It seems to wilt me, my make-up, and my clothes in five minutes. I’ve given up trying to wear cute shoes with my cute outfits, because in this heat, my ankles look like grapefruits when I balance on heels. (I tell me students, “Don’t look below my knees; that’s where the cute stops.”) I never thought I would say this, because I’m a Deep South girl, but heat is, well, demoralizing.

But you know what? I praise the Lord every single day for whoever invented air conditioning. (I’m serious.) What the heck would we do if we had to grim this summer heat thing on out? My mother tells me stories of when she was a little girl in Eatonton, Georgia, and in the middle of the day, it was so hot they had to come inside. And she always took a nap. My mama was smart, even then.

Just one more week of summer school, then I’m done, and then the REAL fun begins–I’m off to Vermont! So, here’s a bunch of random, yet sassy links to keep you nearly happy, if not satisfied, until I’m finished with battling the elements. Let’s start with the ridiculous and travel to the sublime.

I know y’all have heard about this General McChrystal who talked all strange and crazy about President Obama in Rolling Stone magazine. I gotta tell you, I love the “No-drama” Obama way Barack rolls, but frankly it’s time for him to utter these essential words to these wannabee macho hardrocks who constantly get out of pocket:

“Knuck if you buck.”

Because they act like they can just say anything, anywhere–I mean, one of these fools called the man a “lie” in front of God and everybody, in the middle of Obama’s speech. And that’s not just how you are supposed to roll on the Leader of the Free World. Or, like, a Brother.

So, now, everyone’s wondering if McChrystal is gone have a job by the end of the week. I say, send him to WalMart. They always hiring over there.

Mark Anthony Neal writes about Boondocks creator, Aaron McGruder taking on Tyler Perry. I love how Neal breaks things down in both an intellectual and readable way. And also, how he calms people down, because people are tripping like McGruder attacked President Obama or something. I mean, if Barack ain’t Black Jesus, Tyler Perry ain’t even Judas Iscariot. But you know, now that I’m thinking about some of these movies he makes, maybe he is. Click on this link to watch the Boondocks episode Neal refers to.

This article on does the best break-down of the current–almost daily– attacks in the media on professional, single Black women. I’m so glad that we sisters are starting to fight back–and get critical about what these attacks mean, instead of constantly being on the defensive. It’s time that we start going on the offensive, instead of the defensive.

I mean, what’s wrong with being smart? You would think that a smart sister would be the ideal mate–instead, we get attacked for reading and wanting to make something of ourselves. What kind of you-know-what is that?

I suppose we learned that smart women aren’t sexy from Seventeen magazine, which, by the way, is not marketed for young Black girls. Here is an interview done with a young girl, Jamie Keiles, who decided to live according to the advice of Seventeen magazine for a month. I feel so bad for that little girl, because I tried once to follow the Seventeen Scripture. I’m still traumatized.

Speaking of fashion, I’ve started a new “Black Library Girl” series of T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, and Tote Bags, so the sexy intellectual sisters can rep their cute, sassy status. I’ve already gotten some great feedback from the Sisters, which is the most important thing for me.

No, y’all I don’t think I am ever going to get rich selling T-shirts–or bean pies, either. But you know, I was designing a t-shirt for myself, just because nobody ever has anything that I like–y’all know how particular and uppity I am–and I thought, I bet some other fabulous, intellectual, cute sisters would like this T-shirt, too.  So, check out my new swag!

And finally, this is nothing serious, but then again, completely serious: Prince and Larry Graham jamming TOGETHER! If you don’t know who Prince is, where have YOU been? And Larry Graham, well, he’s old-school in the best possible way. Here’s the link of the performance. The video is a little grainy, but if you’re grown, you won’t mind.:-) We grew up with vinyl LPs and cassette tapes, after all.

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