For Tuesday: “You Gotta Read This” Podcast w/Kelly Norman Ellis!

I’m starting back up with podcasts in celebration of Women’s History Month. My regular time is 7:30pm EST, but tomorrow’s podcast is at 1:00pm EST. Here is the link to the Talkshoe website.

Or, remember you can always hit the dark blue button to the right.

Ok, don’t talk bad about me: I know I’m on CP Time letting you know about this lastest podcast, but I’m hoping if you miss it tomorrow, you can download it anyway.

Sometimes, y’all, the podcast time will be a little flexible, ’cause writers are pretty busy people, AND some of my writers are parents–and you know what that means right? That means, folks be trying to talk to me in between looking over homework and cooking hot dogs for dinner. Do not judge the parents and the hot dogs. They do what they gotta do.

But now, the fabulous Kelly Norman Ellis is a Certified Southern Belle, so she cooks from scratch. Gumbo. Serious.

(I cook from scratch, too, so I got my CSB Papers. You better ask somebody about my corn bread and biscuits.)

So join me tomorrow! Kelly’s bio is below, as is the cover of her wonderful book, Tougaloo Blues.

Kelly Norman Ellis is an associate professor of English and associate director of the MFA in Creative Writing program at Chicago State University. Her work has appeared in Sisterfire: Black Womanist Fiction and Prose, Spirit and Flame, Role Call: a Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature and Art, Calyx, Cornbread Nation 3;Obsidian II; The Ringing Ear, PMS, America, What’s My Name and Essence Magazine. She has also contributed book reviews to Black Issues Book Review. Her first collection of poetry entitled Tougaloo Blues was published by Third World Press. She is a Cave Canem Poetry Fellow and founding member of the Affrilachian Poets. She currently resides on the Southside of Chicago.

2 thoughts on “For Tuesday: “You Gotta Read This” Podcast w/Kelly Norman Ellis!

  1. Great interview! And, you got Chicago pegged–and those folks have migrated down here to East Central Illinois along with the academics who are at the U of I or those who came to Rantoul (where I now live) as part of the Air Force. I consider myself one writing from a perspective about an area that’s not been recognized much either, so I loved hearing your conversation about this. I was born in Louisville, migrated to Indianapolis when Mama married and then to East Central Illinois when she re-married. My mother was a pretty girl, who never pursued her creativity–instead she married–a few times. The great Aunts cleaned houses for a living and it took me until age 49 to own being a writer.

    And, you are right. This is NO game. I’m a single Mom, and in my relationships, in my dayjob some try to make my writing small–like a “little” thing I do. It’s not small. In fact I tell students I tutor as well, “writing ain’t not joke…” Unfortunately, in today’s school climate too many teachers are young and so happy students are writing anything at all, that they don’t press them to take writing SERIOUSLY. What foolishness, since success at college is pretty much dependent on your ability to communicate well in writing…

    I could go on, but as one who’s isolated in my writing at times–this hour was appreciated! Thank you and Kelly for a great discussion…GOOD STUFF!

    🙂 Cheri

    • Cheri:

      Oh, I’m so glad you connected to our conversation! Kelly just brought something out in me–which is why I talked WAY too much!:-) But I’ve been high for two days.

      Take care,

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