I Miss Y’all, So Click On This

Dear Y’all:

I have not stopped blogging. I’m traveling through the rural South, and Lord, the internet access is sketchy at best. I have to drive some serious distances to get WiFi that doesn’t block the blog. So forgive my absence.

I will be back with a new full blog entry on December 8, 2009–in five days. In the meantime, if you miss me like I miss you, here’s a recorded short story for you of mine to listen to. It’s called “All Them Crawfords,” and it appeared a while back in Verb: an Audioquarterly. It will tell you all you need to know about how country I am.

I’ll see you next week, y’all.



10 all them crawfords1

11 all them crawfords 2

12 all them crawfords 3

13 all them crawfords 4

14 all them crawfords 5

15 all them crawfords 6

16 all them crawfords 7

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